Family violence

Technology facilitated violence against women

South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault (2014)

Technology facilitated violence against women encompasses using technology to stalk, harass, threaten or distribute degrading images.

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Technology facilitated violence: Mobile phones

South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence (2014)

Smart phone devices are essentially small computers, with abilities far beyond simply calling and messaging people. Many people use their phones as diaries, recording their appointments and setting reminders. GPS functions on phones can be used not only to find places but to track the phone if lost. However, for all the conveniences and legitimate uses of these functions, phones can be used as stalking and tracking devices. This guide outlines some of the dangers and how you might protect yourself against them.

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What can I do about family violence?

Springvale Monash Legal Service (2014)

If you are the victim of family violence there are a number of things that you can do to get help. Get legal advice or counselling, apply for a family violence intervention order or contact the police.

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What is family violence?

Springvale Monsah Legal Service (2014)

In Victoria, family violence covers a range of behaviours committed by a person against a family member. All the behaviours aim to control a family member through fear, and include the following

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